About Nagoya

I’ll be leaving on Wednesday for my first trip to Japan. I’ll be traveling to Nagoya, the capital  Aichi Prefecture. It is home to about 2.2 million people and is a manufacturing and shipping oriented city. Nagoya is about the size of Kansas City by area (126 sq. mi.), but has almost five times as many people. Japan in general is very densely populated.

Atsuta Jingu Shrine


Nagoya is about a three hour train ride from Tokyo, but I won’t be going there on this trip. Instead, I have plans to go to Hiroshima, which is about a three and a half hour train ride. There’s also many other things to do in Nagoya, but I’m not sure what all I’ll have time for, yet. There is Nagoya Castle, shopping in Osu, the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium, the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, the Nagoya City Science Museum and the Atsuta Jingu Shrine.

I’ll be leaving on Wednesday morning, November 2nd, which will put me in Nagoya about 8 pm on Thursday, after a 14 hour flight! I’ll be working on Friday, then I’ll have my first weekend in Nagoya.

I plan on running every other day, experiencing lots of new foods, shopping and sightseeing. I’ll be finding gifts to send home and looking for uniquely Japanese stores. Of course I’ll be very busy with work, but I know at least on weekends I will be able to get away and see some new things. I may even find a traditional Japanese theatre and see Kabuki or Bunraku (puppetry).

Towards the end of my trip, I’ll be staying a couple of days in Hawaii on Oahu. There I will be running/hiking trails, running a coast line 5 mile race and spending some time on the beach. But the highlight of my trip will be a visit to Pearl Harbor.