Friday Night:

After work, we got back to the hotel and refreshed a little and got ready to go out to dinner. Someone suggested Shabu Shabu. There is a new place in Evansville that serves this style of food and I highly recommend trying it. Shabu shabu is supposed to be the sound food makes as you drop it into hot water. We removed our shoes at the entrance to the restaurant and we sat on low benches with our legs slightly crossed. There was one area that had traditional Japanese seating on pillows on the floor. At each table there is a small gas burner and the waitress brought out a pot of broth and set it on top. The pot is separated into two halves, but the broth is the same in each. She also brought two trays of very thinly sliced pork and two trays of beef and one tray with cabbage, lettuce, bean sprouts, a mushroom, tofu, spinach andsome rice noodles. There was also a bowl of ground chicken mixed with rice to make chicken meatballs. Each person had two small bowls, one for a soy sauce and one for sesame sauce. We ate together out of the pot as we cooked, using chop sticks to grab something tasty and dip it in the sauces.20161105_174835



I took most of Saturday to recover from jet lag and a bit too much drinking Friday night. I went to Osu Kannon, which is a Buddhist temple with a large outdoor shopping area right by it. There are electronic stores, jewelry, clothing, touristy trinkets and tons of places to eat. Each shop is a tiny little thing that I could barely walk around in, although some of the stores were larger and more traditional. There’s a large section of anime, cosplay and figurine collectible stores, too. I bought a Japanese comic, which I’m reading very slowly with the help of Google Translate. It’s written in the tategaki format, which means the characters are written in columns that read top to bottom and left to right and the book itself opens the opposite way of ours.